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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

AMCA's Building Information Modelling (BIM) service provides our clients with an intelligent 3D model of their development. Using the latest 3D modelling software, AMCA undertakes a Virtual Construction Analysis of the building to test for constructability. Using 3D modelling and analysis techniques the AMCA team can quickly assess how the various construction disciplines' designs will integrate on site. This helps to mitigate delays and additional costs during the construction process.

The 3D Model can be used to generate 3D sectional views to provide further visual and dimensional information to the construction team, for the duration of the on-site activities.

The AMCA BIM process can begin at either the concept / planning stage or pre-construction stage. AMCA take the Architectural, Structural and MEP design information and create an intelligent 3D Model. Our 3D model represents a Virtual As-Built Model of the building, which can contain as much information as the client requires, even down to the fit-out of the building.

Intelligent data can be taken from the model such as:

  • Bills of Quantities
  • Detailed Drawings and Sections
  • NC Files for electronic transfer of data for manufacture, i.e. Structural Steel
  • Program Scheduling
  • Conflict detection between Construction disciplines

Understanding the importance of the 3D data contained in the models has driven AMCA to develop stringent business and quality systems, enabling clients to utilise this data in their workflow processes, such as automated fabrication techniques. The technology increases productivity both at the design and detailing stages, and more importantly on site through more efficient construction processes and systems.

Steel Detailing Service

AMCA uses the latest 3D Modelling Software available to produce all of our structural steel detailing and fabrication drawings, which currently is Tekla and StruCAD.

These are versatile 3D modelling systems which allow us to create and detail all types of steel structures of any size or complexity, producing precise, high quality fabrication and erection drawings.

The AMCA Steel Detailing Service includes:

  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Connection Details
  • Material and Bolt Lists
  • Material Take-Offs
  • Tonnage Estimations
  • Transfer of CNC data
  • Steel Erection Drawings (per phase or load)

AMCA's Steel Detailing Service is provided to Steel Fabricators, Construction Companies, Consulting Engineers and Architects worldwide. AMCA have extensive experience, second to none, gained while working on a diverse range of projects across the world.

Each Steel Detailing Service project that is undertaken by AMCA is assigned a dedicated project manager who:

  • Liaises with our clients to establish project requirements and schedules
  • Co-ordinates the smooth transfer of information between the Design Team and AMCA Detailers and on to the Client
  • Ensures all design changes that may arise are responded to effectively and efficiently
  • Minimises impact on delivery schedules
  • Ensures our clients expectations are exceeded

On-Site Consultancy

AMCA's Consultancy Service is designed to ensure that clients realise the full potential from conceptual design to construction and operations by using our team's expertise, capabilities and experience of modelling software on-site.

AMCA's Consultancy Service is an effective way for clients to reduce costs in the pursuit of achieving their profit and productivity goals. This helps companies by:

  • Reducing non-billable/non-productive time
  • Only paying for the time actually used
  • Increasing or decreasing own resources as and when needed
  • Understanding costs up-front by receiving fixed price quotations
  • Saving on the addition of office space / furniture
  • Saving on purchasing new hardware and software

AMCA has the resources and expertise needed by clients to meet all their requirements on schedule and within budget. Our clients have access to a team of professionals operating to the highest standards by utilising the latest innovative software.

Utilising the experience gained over the past ten years, AMCA can identify and highlight any technical issues that may arise at an early stage in the life cycle of the project, thereby reducing the impact on project schedules.